At Hillcrest Royale Retirement Community, our residents are like family. And this kinship extends to our residents’ loved ones and friends whom we are fortunate to have as visitors. It goes even further to our caregivers and to the volunteers who bring us their joy and laughter on a regular basis. No doubt this tight-knit atmosphere is partly driven by the mother and two sisters who run our facilities.

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Thousand Oaks?

Volunteering is a great pastime for all age groups. We’ve connected high school and college students with volunteering opportunities, as well as older folks looking to keep busy during retirement. Volunteering not only lets you give back to the community, but it can lift you up if you’re feeling blue, and may even change your life!

Thank You to The Sunshine Club volunteers!

One group of volunteers for seniors in Thousand Oaks we’ve worked with is the Sunshine Club. These cheerful individuals entertained us during our happy hour, and brought delightful arts and crafts for our residents. They were fun, loud, outgoing, and very kind to everyone they met. They gave us nothing but fun and laughter for many, many years, and we are very thankful for them.

Thank You to The National Charity League volunteers!

The National Charity League is a wonderful group of mothers and daughters who volunteer their time at Hillcrest Royale. They bring so much joy to our resident’s lives. They host art classes, walking clubs, and pet therapy groups. Their dedication, and continued involvement at Hillcrest Royale has been truly wonderful. They have touched so many of our senior’s lives with their positive attitudes and gracious spirit.