Sophisticated retirement amenities in Thousand Oaks

Tap into excitement, creativity, and world-class entertainment!

One problem many people run into as they grow older is lack of access to services. Without the ability use transportation or community resources as they once did, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

That’s why we wanted our retirement amenities in Thousand Oaks to be different. We realized that as a family business, part of what makes us so unique is our accessibility. Our administration, 24-hour staff, and full housekeeping service stand ready to assist in whatever capacity you need, so you can maintain the lifestyle you deserve.

When you’re a part of our community, you’re a part of our family

Run by a mother and two sisters, we have 26 years of experience providing support for seniors. When we chose to create the best retirement amenities in Thousand Oaks, we knew we didn’t want activities that were stagnant. Instead, our goal was to craft an environment where the future was something to look forward to. Creative outings like museum visits, movies, shopping, and theater trips means there is always something exciting just around the corner!

Below is just a sample of what we have available:

  • Movie Theater
  • Game and craft lounge
  • Card room
  • Library
  • Outdoor game area
  • Large outdoor patio
  • Live music performances
  • 24-hour snack bar with baked goods, fruit, drinks, shakes, and more

Amenities that are in a league of their own

One of the things that makes community truly outstanding is our focus on creative activities such as our drama club, where our residents put on plays. We love helping others tap into their creative centers. We even hire a technical light and sound team to make the performances come to life! We also have a world history class and discussion group.

It’s things like these that keep our residents engaged and active – creatively, cognitively, and socially. This way, they are able to enjoy every aspect of life to its fullest.

If you’d like to become a member of our community,
please call (805) 371-0035 to schedule a visit today.

Our caring team has only one goal – to provide whatever our seniors need to ensure their satisfaction. When you make an appointment to tour our residences, you’ll enjoy a complimentary lunch or dinner as our guest!

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