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Please take a look at a few of the kind words we’ve received over the years.

To: Hillcrest Royale Retirement Residence

I have been a resident of Hillcrest Royale for nearly three months, and I have nothing but the highest praise for this home-oriented facility. From the lovely fountain at the front door, we walk toward the beautiful patio surrounded by roses of all colors and into the long softly carpeted halls leading to the very large rooms with lots of light and individual patios. The walls throughout feature paintings by famous artists, with color-coordinated framing.

Each room leads to two large lounges where many interesting activities take place, such as arts and crafts, chair exercises, music therapy, card games – including Blackjack, large puzzles for groups or individuals, and many other types of entertainment. There is a wonderful movie theater complete with copious lounge chairs, and a star-studded movie each night at 7P.M., as well as special matinee movies. A Catholic Mass is celebrated there on first Wednesdays. A Shabbat service is held on Friday afternoons, in the dining room, with refreshments served. A Bible Study is held on the second-floor lounge weekly, and Calvary Chapel visits Sunday afternoons. There is also a Happy Hour weekly, and those who wish to can participate in alcoholic drinks at that time. Guided walks through the garden take place daily.

Dining is absolutely special – Weekly Menus are published, with choices such as those in the finest hotels, and the delicious food is served accordingly, with breakfast served from 7 to 9A.M., in open seating. Sessions with the chief Chef are scheduled, and suggestions made by a committee and attendees, are then implemented. The Chef and housekeepers learn everyone’s name, and give their attention to items requested. Medicines are allotted according to a Doctor’s orders, and administered by our Medical Assistants, who also guide special patients to their rooms, and give care when needed.

Fresh daily linens are furnished, and each room is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed once weekly. Nothing has been left out in providing a home atmosphere – even a Beauty Shop where even a guy can get a haircut! The exceptional Front Office ladies even know everyone’s name and room number, and are really cordial to all who have needs.

I have found my home here at Hillcrest Royale, and everyone else here today can also find their home!

From: Lois Ann



Hi Inga,

I was at Hillcrest Royale today to visit my mother, Mary. She was working again in the TV lounge with other residents on their bird house projects. Over the past two weeks she’s been explaining her ideas to me on how to design it and what colors it should be in order to attract birds.

This is the third facility my mom has lived in for seniors and the first that’s done anything like this for its residents. Mary has never been more excited or more engaged. I mentioned to your staff how much this means to her and I can assume other residents. I compliment you and the Hillcrest Royale staff for the effort and encourage your team to continue to develop arts and crafts programs for everyone.

Keep up the good work!




When I think “Hillcrest Royale” I think “satisfaction.” In addition to room and board there are a host of drives and activities provided: cards, crafts, artwork, lectures, singing groups, dining out, sightseeing, etc., and private quiet time for those who want it.

One further plus! A bottomless cookie jar – homemade cookies, too!




Dear Inga and Michelle,

Thank you for a year of peace of mind in knowing my father has the best of care! I very much appreciate all the affection he is shown and I know that it’s affected his quality of life.

All the very best for a healthy and happy holiday season.




An ‘ODE’ to Hillcrest Royale

I came here widowed and sad. I really looked and felt bad. But everyone here made me feel good. There was lots to do if only we wanted to. Classes, entertainment and trips, new friends, learning new tips. No more cooking, don’t have to clean. I’m treated just like a queen. Four years ago, I thought life was over. Now I feel like I’m living in clovers.

I love you Hillcrest Royale.




Dear Inga,

Your generosity and impressive organizational skills made the pre-birthday party in honor of Miles flow beautifully. Thank you!

However, your impressive loving concern and tolerant attitude toward all foibles, accepted and acknowledged, not overlooked, greatly enriched the celebration and our personal lives.

It is what is most talked about when the event is remembered, shared and discussed and future events are suggested and hoped for.

With gratitude,



Dear Inga, Michelle and Staff,

Our heartfelt thanks for the beautiful flower arrangement. Mom was an amazing gardener and all her favorites were in it, including the colors.

Words cannot express our thanks for all you did for mom while she was with you. She was truly happy and that means so very much. The entire staff is exceptional and so caring. We are grateful to you all.

With thanks and appreciation,
Linda, Fred and Family



Dear Lovely Ladies of Hillcrest,

Words can never adequately express how much I appreciate everything you did for my mother, Susan. She loved living here and all of you so very much I will be FOREVER grateful for the love, care, concern and kindness you showed her.

You are all ANGELS on earth and know how much you are admired!!

With Love,



Inga, Michelle, Holly and staff of Hillcrest Royale,

Each of you enriched and improved my mom’s life so much! Thanks you for treating her with love and dignity. We will be forever grateful.

Toni’s kids:
Kathleen, Wally and John



Dear Inga,

Thank you for all of your organization for Hillcrest Royale’s lovely Christmas luncheon. It was amazing! The beautiful tree, all the decorations, the warm welcomes from your wonderful staff, the gourmet menu and deliciously prepared food. I am particularly fond of brussel sprouts. The ones served were cooked to perfection. My compliments to the cook.

It was quite an afternoon. My mother, Betty, was so thrilled to be able to entertain me and my husband. I can’t thank you enough. You have created a warm loving home for all of your residents.

Happy Holidays,



Dear Michelle,

Thank you for all of the love and kindness you showed my mother, Nancy, in her stay at your fine residence. How fortunate she was to spend her last years at Hillcrest Royale. We’re comforted to know how much she loved living with you all, and how this truly was her last “home.”

Warm regards,

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